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Hyper LE0 / LY7 Manifold Spacer

Manufacturer: Hyper BMW PowerSports
Model Number: 201900031-le0-ly7-spacer
Availability: In Stock


Spacer Size



Product description

How will a Hyper Spacer benefit you?

  • Easy installation in the lower section of the manifold
  • Nylon 12 with 20% Carbon Fibre has high heat resistance, making your plenum cooler
  • Post injection spacers make MORE torque and power then the MACE pre injection spacers.
  • Improved fuel economy, from 13rwkw gains up to 31rwkw gains when coupled with a PiperCross air filter.
  • 5 year warrantee, Money back guarantee if you don't achieve minimal power gains.

These spacers are made specifically for the LE0 and LY7 engines, these engines are used across a very wide range of General Motors vehicles. From SAAB, to Commodore, even the Holden Rodeo. They are stackable, and mixable. The maximum head clearance in a VE Commodore is 46mm from top of engine to hood clearance.


About this product



LE0 LY7 LFW General Motors V6, Specifically Commodore VZ and VE

Brand Name

Hyper BMW PowerSports

Manufacturer Part Number

530 597 53901, 530 597 53902, 530 597 53903

Product Type

Inlet air system and/or Manifold

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