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CAMS License and Gear

Manufacturer: Hyper BMW PowerSports
Model Number: 201900023-cams-and-gear
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Product description

Got the Car?
Just need the Race Gear and License...?

We can help. Hyper BMW PowerSports has access to several clubs with priority membership processing to meet the two club requirement for CAMS. We also have the knowhow to get you through the application forms for your "Speed License" within 24 hours.

The Gear . . .
We will supply a Full Race Suite (including Thermal Fire retardant underwear, gloves, shoes, balaclava, and overalls), HANS (Head And Neck Support device) Stand 21 with locking pins, and a BELL RS7 Helmet. All race wear is FIA/CAMS approved and recommended.

Time Completion Period
We will begin the application process. within 24 hours of purchase. We will call you at the start of the application process to gather details, once completed we will get you signed up with the clubs that suite your racing desires, and get your CAMS license submitted. Total time for completion of the service can range from 14 days to 60 days, depending on membership ratification at various clubs. Your gear will be delivered within the 14 days of purchase, and exchangeable if there is any sizing issues.

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Hyper BMW PowerSports

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Service and Equipment

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