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Custom ITB Package

Manufacturer: Hyper BMW PowerSports
Model Number: 201900011-custom
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Product description

Fully custom designed for 3D Printing (FDM or SLS), CMC, or Injection Molding. The price for this product is for design and concept product only. We will be consulting with you for 100% of the design phase, and after for your test product. You do not have to use Hyper for your finished products, we will supply you with the design files for any method you desire.

Average finished product pricing
The average 4 Cyl manifold can be SLS printed from $1,000, CNC machined from $900. Injection molding requires a minimum order of 500 units, average 4 cyl manifold can be tooled for up to 1000 units at $21,500 and $7 per unit after that. You will be given exact price quote once you are satisfied with your test fit concept product.

What is a concept Product?
We will FDM 3D print a working 1:1 model for test fit purposes. While in most vehicles, this will work adequately, we the draft concept will be rough finished and only a quick 0.5mm layer height print. Such large layer heights can not guarantee a good layer adhesion and the concept product may be prone to air leaks. This will not be an issue with out FDM finished products, and certainly not our SLS products. Concept products are also printed in low temperature PLA, meaning they will not be suitable for use over 50 degrees centigrade. Finished FDM/SLS and Injection Molded products are Nylon-6/6 with a 35% carbon fiber additive. Finished CNC products are Aluminum.

Time Completion Period
You can expect your design same day you order (Before 2pm). On average it will take up to 3 days to print and send your FDM model, shipping can take up to 4 business days on the East Coast.

About this product



Per Design

Brand Name

Hyper BMW PowerSports

Manufacturer Part Number


Product Type

Air intake and/or manifold

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