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KMS MP25 ECU Module

Manufacturer: KMS
Model Number: 201900010-kms-mp25
Availability: In Stock




Product description

The KM MP25 Engine Control Module is affordable and an efficient engine management system. Using minimum sensors, three AUX outputs, one AUX input, and a wide range of functions, the KMS MP25 ECU can handle 90% of engines on the market. These basic functions make the MP25 a simple, reliable, and effective engine management system at a very competitive price!

Software for tuning included!


Complete engine management system, up to 10 cylinders RPM Limiter
Self-learning lambda control A.L.S variable
Engine diagnostic utility Powershift support for separate delay and cut-off for each gear.
Boost Control Launch Control
OBD2 and Serial RS232 Communication Idle Control
External Dashboard control 2 engine load sensors
Analog input (2nd lambda, gearbox position, G-Force sensor, EGT) 3 Auxiliary outputs for shift light, water-injection, cooling fan, etc.
Speed limiter (Pit lane limiter)  


This product is non-refundable, please ensure it is the right product for you!

Made in the Netherlands

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Control Module

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