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PiperCross Performance Pod Filter

Manufacturer: PiperCross
Model Number: 201900006-pipercross-cone3
Availability: In Stock


Inlet Neck Size



Product description

Easily identifiable by its black filter element and red finishing. This Air filter benchmarks 26% better airflow then the standard High Flow model!

Check out the sizing chart below to make a decision that is right for you!

This air filter is equipped with a rubber flange

C0186 50mm 100mm 150mm
C0191 60mm 100mm 150mm
C0179 60mm 200mm 150mm
C0172 60mm 200mm 200mm
C0520 65mm 105mm 100mm
C0173 65mm 200mm 150mm
C0290 70mm 170mm 100mm
C0171 70mm 200mm 100mm
C0176 70mm 200mm 150mm
C0177 70mm 200mm 200mm
C1223 73mm 150mm 150mm
C0182 75mm 200mm 150mm
C0304 80mm 200mm 150mm
C0187 80mm 200mm 200mm
C0183 85mm 200mm 150mm
C0640 100mm 200mm 150mm
C9047 100mm 400mm 200mm
C0181 110mm 190mm 150mm
C9046 125mm 400mm 200mm
C9048 130mm 400mm 200mm
C0190 130mm 200mm 200mm
C0174 146mm 250mm 200mm

This product is non-refundable, please ensure it is the right product for you, and measure your flange correctly!

Made in United Kingdom

About this product



Universal Fitment

Brand Name


Manufacturer Part Number

C0000 - C9999

Product Type

Air Filter

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